10984534_10205370663819416_5483865894453809727_oWhere we are today.  To the world, we have it together.  Personal details are attended to as I watch the clock.  Waiting for Ayden to wake up, knowing his fear will be as real as mine. Yet the one thing that will determine what makes a hard day easy or a easy day hard… Autism.  But, we face the unknown again.  We ask for help, him through me and me through strangers.

There is a difference in making changes and going through a storm.  There is a difference in everything. My difference, our story, our journey.  A month ago I was mad because I blamed others for our confusion. Today, I accept responsibility that I was the one holding us back.  Today, I accept a little more of our truth through the biggest decision I have made in a long time.  Today, I choose to see the beauty in a small meltdown or none it all; or, the beauty of the day ending because it was the worst we had.  Because, it can always be worse.  I could be just walking beside the most special little boy in the world.  Instead, I choose to walk hand in hand.