Imagine life where I am living first hand an experience that requires dictation, recording, journaling, WRITING!!! A life with a kid that makes up words.. along with many other things.. Ayden is Autistic.. I’ve said it for a month.. Still not real..

What is real is right here.  A good day.. sometimes a bad day with a few moments that are good.  Either way.  We have a story to tell and excited to approach 2017 with God’s purpose in life which is to understand our story better so we can help others in their journey.

Gigi needs support… We established that across the board.. Who wouldn’t in this situation and that’s OK! So.. the times when we are overwhelmed and everyone is busy with their life and feel forgotten, we can be found here.  When the milestones are reached, when regression is avoided or evident, when we learn new words that fit, find new pieces of our puzzle.  It’ll be here.

So, the one thing we know for Ayden… He is perfect. It is my job to figure out how to teach the world to understand him and teach him to overcome obstacles and be a WINNER! And, along the way..maybe help the world see that Autism isn’t so scary after all..