Dealing with an ASD diagnosis of my child is one of the most difficult things I have had to endure as a parent. It is instinct to want to protect your child.  ASD therapy goes against everything that is easy in Autism making the initial phases so difficult. You try this and try that.  Knowing that all any of those efforts are just pacifiers.  They are stalling techniques. There are things to avoid but ultimately the battle is His.  Its my purpose to ensure that the battle is won in moments not milestones.  The milestones come if we get through the moments.

Basically, I’m just a parent and he’s just a kid.  A kid who starts the world knowing his deficiencies.  A child who easily can resist attachment to people but crumble over an attachment to a thing.  A child who knows no stranger, yet; can shake off that non stranger stare or verbal comment.  A child who has limitations but is limitless.

Often you will hear people say Autistic kids are great.  I may have heard something similar to Autism is great.  THEY ARE!! They just come with a different set of rules and boundaries.