Man.. Two good days, I can easily convince myself everything is normal. Then normal turns into a nightmare.  My child is miserable and melting.   I am continuously breathing to reset my nervous system to keep from losing it.  My body hurts form the anxiety.  The build up goes on for hours and you know the outcome will happen but you have no idea what to do.  Then normal returns and life is good.

NORMAL is not a valid existence.  Normal comes from months (which turn into years) of tools, conditioning, education which build your confidence as a parent.  When you initially hear moments matter not milestones, your clueless.  But, in time it makes sense.  Moments happen, milestones exist but moments can shatter any milestone.  Moments can make or break months of work.  That is what makes early intervention so important.

My biggest piece of advice to anyone who has concerns for Autism.. GET EDUCATED. Stay devoted and if it is Autism this is the beginning of your journey.  Don’t second guess.  Find others who have experienced the same journey. Stay in what resonates. Don’t compare symptoms, no two kids are the same.  Follow your heart.  VIDEO!!! VIDEO AND MORE VIDEO! Document and journal.  Believe that you CAN do this.

Initially, we started with behavior modification therapy because it’s kind of what we fell into and it helped.  Ayden was so young, I thought “Surely, it can’t hurt” and it has been a learning experience that has enriched my parenting and taught me so much; as well as his counselors and therapist.  There is no exact science to Autism.  There is no handbook, no rules to get through the roughest part… Acceptance and Diagnosis.  But, in these moments is where you gain strength, confidence, support and education.  There will be days were you are so exhausted.  Your brain will HURT from so much information. You fell you will never be able to process all you’ve learned more or less utilize tools you are learning.  But, you WILL! Allow the process to happen in it’s own time.  Realize that you’ve done all you can do or one day.  Don’t worry when the next melt-down will happen.  Live in the MOMENTS.

Milestones will come, once you become more grounded in the moments.  That’s the beauty of Autism.